When To Call Termite Pest Control

Wondering if it’s time to call termite pest control? They are destructive pests that can cause serious damage to your home. Infestations can be an expensive issue which is why it’s well worth calling in termite pest control as early as possible if you think there may be an issue. But how do you know when it’s time to make the call and how do you find a reliable and experienced service? Read on below to find out what you should look for if you suspect that you might have pests in your home.

What they look like

There are more than 300 different types of pests in just Australia and they can cause serious problems and damage. White ants are the best-known species because they are the most common and survive by eating timber structures that contain cellulose. Unlike normal black pants, they are pale. There are also species known as alates which have wings that allows them to go off in search of new environments to reproduce in. They are sometimes mistaken for moths. So how do you know if you have them and if it’s time to call termite pest control services?

Signs you have an infestation

Side view of a termite pest control expert while working

Any good termite pest control service will tell you that these pests can cause serious structural and economic damage to homes and buildings. They are capable of eating the insides of structures, only leaving a thin shell behind to help protect them from the outer environment. It’s not just structural timbers that they eat however, they can also eat furniture, paper, fabric, clothes, and footwear and can even get into plastic and foam. They’re not always easy to identify but here are a few signs that it might be time to call termite pest control.

  • You notice the mud shelter tube that they use to get around in your brick foundations
  • Timber sounds hollow – if you’re noting that your timber sounds hollow then it could be because they have it away
  • Sagging timbers – if your doors or windows are sagging then it could be a sign that you have a pest issue.
  • Skirty boards, door jambs, and architraves that are damaged – they east away from the structural integrity of the timbers in your home so if you’re noticing that things are becoming damaged easily then it could be a sign that it’s time to call in termite pest control.
  • If your paint is cracking or chipping then it could be that these pests are eating away at your walls
  • Electrical issues – if you’re experiencing power failures or other issues then it could be because you have this pest. They like the warmth of electricity and will eat away at your electricity

The activities of these pests will depend on the temperature and rainfall around your home. If you find a nest, don’t disturb it, call in termite pest control. Upsetting the nest could force them to colonise different areas which may make them difficult to detect.

Reducing the risk of them

To reduce your risk of getting them to make sure you deal with any drainage issues, keep areas clear and don’t store things under your home, remove wood that comes into contact with the ground from your home and invest in professional prevention services by calling up an expert service. An annual spray of insecticides can help to keep infestations away.

If you think you have them then you should act quickly and call a professional service as they can do serious damage to your home that could cost you thousands to repair.