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What Doctors On Call Are Able To Help You With

If you need medical care after-hours, Instant Consult doctors on call may be able to help you out. A simple call by phone is all that you need in order to access the medical assistance you need in a short amount of time.

If you’ve ever been kept up at night because of your fear over a bite or mark that you can’t explain, this service can be really convenient as an alternative to going to hospital. Sometimes the issues may be urgent, but not urgent enough to warrant an emergency hospital visit.

How do they work?

Doctors on call work by you downloading a free app that allows you to book a video consultation with an online practitioner. This practitioner will be a fully qualified and experienced medical professional who has opted to be available outside of regular visiting times, so they can address urgent issues.

During this phone consultation you will be able to address all of the issues you have and send over any relevant photos for the GP to inspect. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t rely on doctors on call in emergencies where you would otherwise go to a hospital.

Conditions they can help you with

The following conditions are examples of things that doctors on call are able to assist you with by sending you a digital prescription or sending it to your pharmacy.


What are the benefits of using this kind of service?

Home visits by GPs used to be commonplace but eventually fell out of practise as the population grew and hospital infrastructure improved. Despite this, there is still a demand for medical practitioners who are more flexible in their ability to lend their expertise to people who need it.

A doctors on call service is great because it takes some of the pressure off the medical infrastructure of society by allowing people to deal with issues privately in their own homes rather than crowd waiting rooms. It also means that patients will receive a more personable and holistic service.

Because they will be able to observe where you are, the GP will have a better idea of your lifestyle and what kind of support you have around you. This will give the doctors on call you speak to more insight that they can inform their decisions with.

Doctors on call is also cheaper because you won’t have to spend money on petrol driving to the clinic like you normally would. Think about how much money you’ve probably wasted sitting in traffic just to get a prescription for some antibiotics during flu season!

The kind of service is also less anxiety inducing for people who are worried about being judged by their doctors for their lifestyle habits that may cause them to be sick. For example, someone who wants to get a pathology request from a GP because they fear they have been exposed to an STI (sexually transmitted infection) may feel embarrassed about talking about it in-person.

In this way, doctors on call give people who are anxious about certain conditions that affect their self esteem an alternative way to engage a medical professional. This is important as it means some people who otherwise might have ignored their condition can now confidently have it taken care of.