disabled person in a wheelchair

Tips For Clients Attempting To Source Appropriate Specialist Disability Accommodation

Specialist disability accommodation is a support initiative from the public and private sectors designed to improve the living standards and conditions of the disabled community.

Yet within the Australian landscape, there has been a great deal of flux and changes to the way this program has been rolled out, making it a confusing and ambiguous matter for those not accustomed with the practice.

Here we will look at some key tips for those who are educating themselves about the subject.


Checking Eligibility

As of December 2018 it is now much more straightforward to check eligibility for specialist disability accommodation. Thanks to alterations made under the NDIS, participants have the capacity to head directly to the SDA and apply for a position without having to run through other lodging options that are present in the marketplace. This must be the first step.


Location Matters

When it comes to the domain of specialist disability accommodation, participants need to place the location as a central priority. Even if there is a strong degree of independence where 24/7 monitoring and care is not necessitated, the capacity to be within walking distance of a hospital or specialty medical centre with family members, friends or colleagues is paramount. This is why SDA spaces based in isolated rural communities are not applicable in a majority of circumstances.


Appropriate Design

Specialist disability accommodation comes in many different shapes and sizes, but they also fit into one of five core categories:

  • Basic
  • Improved livability
  • Fully accessible
  • Robust
  • High physical support

Upon the completion of a comprehensive assessment, the participant and their close family members and trusted doctors will all be able to come to the table and determine which of these formats will be most suitable. Each premises will be duly fitted with the appropriate support elements for either physical or mental impairments, giving the user options if they have the ability to become rehabilitated. The design will be a key consideration because the very role of an SDA certified home is to alleviate common daily struggles and help all parties with general functions.


Outside Bodies Can Help

The great aspect about specialist disability accommodation is that this is an initiative with support from the public and private sectors. This means that all of the imperative is not directed at official government bodies and if there are questions or lines of inquiry from a client, they have the capacity to seek out key stakeholders, real estate agencies and private investors who can be key influencers on the subject. That will not be a privilege for everyone depending on their unique circumstances, but unlike other publicly funded projects, there are more parties coming to the table to ensure that local communities managing with disabilities have an extended network to call upon.


No Change Is Forced Upon Clients

If there is a participant who is already registered within the realms of specialist disability accommodation and they are entirely satisfied with their program, then nothing has to change. In spite of the alterations and upgrades that are occurring within the public and private sectors, members of the disabled community will not be forced to buy into anything they do not agree to. If they are happy to continue with their home, apartment, studio or villa with one, two or three bedrooms, then they can continue on as usual. These updates are applicable to new entrants who are seeking opportunities to start their journey.



Despite these innovations and changes to the ways that clients can access specialist disability accommodation, there are still great strides that need to be taken to ensure these participants have the care their condition requires. Even as late as 2018 there was an estimated 6% of all Australian residencies that could have been deemed eligible to be classified as SDA appropriate, placing a greater emphasis on the need to drive investment and offer upgrades on facilities. If individuals and their carers do follow through on these steps, they will cover themselves and be directed to the best possible location on the marketplace.