Woman getting an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney

The 3 Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Brow Game With an Eyebrow Tattoo in Sydney

In the beauty world, there are no end of ways to upgrade the brow game, it seems that every other day there’s a new treatment or miracle getting magical results with minimal effort. While there is some credence for some modern updates to the status quo, a lot of the time it can be a slight exaggeration. Strangely enough, this is not the case with a microblade tattoo, which has picked up in popularity and esteem from the general public and beautician industry simultaneously and showing very little signs of slowing down.

A microblade tattoo is a relatively painless and fast process that has been embraced by those looking to update their eyebrow tattoo in Sydney, adding a little more volume and lift to make a fabulous entrance every time. It has been particularly popular thanks to a rise in social media campaigns by influencers and celebrities which has brought it into the mainstream quite quickly. Today we are going to explore a little bit about what a microblade tattoo is and how they could be the answer you’re looking for.

What Is A Microblade Tattoo?

A microblade tattoo involves an expert using tiny needles to prick small areas of your eyebrow while simultaneously depositing a small amount of ink. This process is repeated across specific areas of your eyebrows evoke realistic looking eyebrow hairs that aren’t going to wash off or smudge over time.

Why Get a Microblade Tattoo?

1.   They’re Not Permanent!

One key advantage to getting a microblade tattoo is their perfect amount of time of being visible. Contrary to what the name says, they’re semi-permanent, which basically means they last on average between 1 and 2 years before fading away naturally. This is fantastic for those who don’t want to go through the long process of permanent options that may not be up to scratch or even in fashion in a few years.

The relative painlessness of the process is also a big bonus in our book, we’ve heard of people with alopecia swear by the microblade tattoo as a means of being able to change up their look every so often without feeling overwhelmed with deciding a permanent look.

2.   Their Accuracy Game Is Amazing

A microblade tattoo is different from a permanent brow for many important reasons, one of the more dominant ones being the process itself. The tools used in a permanent brow involve machinery and a harsher impact on the skin which can lead to bleeding colour over time and a less natural look and feel.

In the hands of an artist, a microblade tattoo is able to be very specified and razor thin to enhance the natural beauty of the brow, the hand-drawn option will always showcase a more delicate and direct look without a doubt.

3.   Their Longevity Is Incredible

Woman undertaking an eyebrow tattoo in Sydney procedure

The fact that they’re not permanent doesn’t discount the notion that they’re not worth the money or time. For the duration of their appearance they are gorgeous and natural. The ink is placed in a shallower state than a traditional permanent option, this gives a natural fade over time.

The ink being used is also very different in a microblade tattoo, the colour scheme is notably stronger and lasts longer without turning or changing colour with age and exposure. This is a hefty bonus for those worried about the colour changing to a grey or blue which can happen with aging ink.

It’s time to hop on the trend and book in your next appointment, after all, it’s beautiful, non-permanent and looks natural, what else do you need!