Family facing a divorce

Signs It May Be Time To Contact Divorce Lawyers In Sydney

If you’re considering ending your marriage, you’re probably going to need good divorce lawyers in Sydney. But how do you know when it’s truly time to move on? While the answer to that question is highly personal and will depend on your unique circumstances, there are some warning signs that it may be time to break things off. If you’re dealing with any of the issues highlighted in this article, it may be time to contact divorce lawyers in Sydney.


If you’re experiencing distrust towards (or from) your partner regularly, it may be time to contact divorce lawyers in Sydney. You cannot have love without trust and unless there is a clear trigger that you can work through together, distrust is often a symptom of deeper issues within your relationship. If you feel as if you cannot trust your partner, but can’t quite put your finger on why, it’s time to sit down together and have a chat about things. If you still feel uneasy, or the matter cannot be resolved, you should have a long, hard think about whether things can be fixed, or if it’s time to call divorce lawyers in Sydney.

Constant Arguing 

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Another sign that it may be time to contact divorce lawyers in Sydney is if you and your partner are constantly arguing. While some level of disagreement is normal in any relationship, if your arguments are frequent, there could be deeper issues at play. This is particularly true if you argue with the intention of hurting each other, rather than from a place where you’re simply trying to communicate your needs and fix the issue. If you’re currently dealing with a high stress period within your marriage, this sign isn’t always the best to go by, as people often argue more when they’ve got a lot on their plates. However, as noted, arguments should only ever be about issues, not an excuse to throw each other under the bus. 

Any Kind Of Physical Fight

There is never any excuse for violence within a relationship so if either party has gotten physical, it may be time to contact divorce lawyers in Sydney. We understand that leaving this type of situation isn’t always simple, but if the violent party will not agree to go to counselling together and seek help for their issues, it’s time to start making your get away plan. We also suggest letting a trusted friend know what is going on so that you’ve got someone other than yourself looking out for you, as these types of situations can get quite dangerous, quite quickly.

No Longer Wanting The Same Things In Life

Sometimes people grow apart. This isn’t a fault of yourself, or of your partner, it is simply a fact of life. As we grow, we change and although this change is necessary, it can lead to relationship breakdown. If you and your partner have reached a point where you want very different things out of your future, it may be time to contact divorce lawyers in Sydney. If you still have love for each other we suggest attending counselling and trying to get back to a place where you can once again see a happy life together. However, if this doesn’t work, it may be time to rip the band-aid off and make alternative arrangements.

Not Feeling Drawn To Your Partner Anymore

Finally, if you no longer feel drawn to your partner, it may be time to contact divorce lawyers in Sydney. To clarify we’re not talking a slight lessening of feelings here, by this point we mean that you no longer want to be around them, do not find them attractive and will seek alternative activities to avoid them, that isn’t love anymore and you probably need to leave.

If you’re dealing with any of these issues, and do not believe they can be resolved, it may be time to contact divorce lawyers in Sydney, good luck.