wedding photographer taking pictures of the wedding couple

Recommended Shoot Locations from a Sydney Wedding Photographer

Getting married but think you won’t have enough time on the big day to capture a magical portrait? Not to worry. This is why so many couples today opt for a shoot some day before the ceremony.

But where? To help you decide on the answer to this question, we’ve collected some recommendations from a Sydney wedding photographer. Check out our list of icons around the Emerald City!


Paddington Reservoir

With rustic walls, pockets of garden, water features, and a variety of textures, it’s no wonder this is a top suggestion. Work your magic with brick, wood, and iron fixtures. Find this reservoir from 1899 in the Eastern Suburbs. It’s our version of the ‘Hanging Gardens of Babylon’.


Usyd Quadrangle

A stone’s throw from the CBD, sits the Usyd campus. The Quadrangle, coined the ‘Hogwarts’ building, features beautiful sandstone architecture complimented by neat green lawns – the uni invests a whole trust fund in maintaining this, so it’ll definitely be worth your while! A stunning backdrop for some Sydney wedding photographers.


Angel Place Birdcages

A Melbourne-esque alleyway, this ‘Forgotten’ place makes for a creative shoot for any Sydney wedding photographer. The canopy of birdcages suspended above Angel Place (right beside Martin Place) is part of the ‘Forgotten Songs’ art installation designed to commemorate the sounds of singing birds around Central before they were displaced by European settlement.


Wendy’s Garden

Nestled away in the green cove of Lavendar Bay – behind Luna Park which too could make for a playful shoot with your Sydney wedding photographer – sits the tranquil and whimsical gardens of Wendy Whiteley, wife of Australian artist Brett Whiteley who passed in 1992…

Wendy takes great pride in this garden, viewing it both as a way to passionately express herself with art sculptures along its winding levels, and as a gift to the public – and this ‘secret garden’ is certainly one of the most beautiful public spaces around. Have a picnic with some bubbly in this oasis while you’re here.


Cockatoo Island

With panoramic views of the harbour, glowing sunsets over shimmering waters, and rustic old warehouses turned contemporary art spaces, Cockatoo Island is a dreamy landscape for your Sydney wedding photographer.


Hyde Park

A must on any wedding photographer’s list in Sydney is Hyde Park. The lush greens are sure to compliment a white dress, and stunning trees will help avoid harsh sunlight, casting a soft, even glow on the couple.


Observatory Hill

If you want the iconic Harbour Bridge for your backdrop, you can’t go wrong with Observatory Hill. The highest hill overlooking settlement, it made a prime vantage point for canons. Today, this park with top-dollar views can be found just behind The Rocks – which is also great for shots with a dated feel, should you feel like wandering the cobblestone streets.


Centennial Park

Our wedding photographer has more recommendations from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney! The first is Centennial Parklands. The sprawling grounds and background of bush make for a variety enchanting shots.


Bondi to Coogee

The Bondi to Coogee coastal walk spans 5 bays and beaches, all of which are a scenic seaside spot for the water-babies getting married. Work that wind-blow hair. If you don’t feel like getting sand on your fancy pants, try Clovelly.


Marble Bar at The Hilton

A great indoor venue, on the contrary, is the Marble Bar at The Hilton hotel in the heart of the city. The classical interior coupled with a little liquid inspo will create some ‘timeless’ shots with your wedding photographer in Sydney.