Let It Shine in a Metallic Homecoming Dress

Set your LBD’s and summer brights aside; if you’re looking to put a futuristic spin on your homecoming wardrobe, look no further than our latest gilt-y pleasure: the metallic dress. This fashion-forward trend is still going strong for Fall 2018, not to mention is perfect for the September event. No longer reserved for New Year’s Eve or a bachelorette party, play around with shades of gold, silver, rose gold, gunmetal, platinum, or bronze for a statement-making finish on homecoming night.

While metallics pair great with any skin tone, different shades may be more suitable for specific tones. For example, rose gold can enhance the rosy undertones of a fair complexion, while deeper colors like bronze or gold really pop against an olive or dark skin tone. But where fashion is concerned “rules” is a loose term; use color as a guide or simply wear the metallic dress that makes you shine on the inside and out.