koru necklace

Koru Necklace: Origin and Symbolism

One beautiful piece of jewellery is the Koru necklace. It consists of a spiral pendant usually made of nephrite jade, bone, or Pounamu stone. It is simple, but it still manages to catch people’s attention. Even if you don’t know its name, you’ve seen it at least once, possibly in a picture. The symbol is common, showing that it is widely appreciated in many cultures.

For those who do not know this work of art, we’d like to introduce you to arguably the most exciting jewellery pieces. This Koru necklace not only has a quiet beauty but also has a significant meaning. Let’s talk about the origin of this design and what it symbolizes.

Origin of Koru Design

Koru necklace, without a doubt, is a significant emblem in the Maori religion. The Maori typically believe in goddesses and gods based on Mother Earth. The Maori give great value to the earth’s elements. Their rituals were engrained in water, soil and the sun. The Maori are the indigenous population of New Zealand. They are known for their intricate art with many patterns, colours, and designs. Maori designs usually have spiritual significance. 

The necklace is a principal piece of jewellery in Maori tradition. This design is part of popular Maori symbols forms, also otherwise called ‘kowhaiwhai.’ The symbols can be seen embedded Marae architecture. The Marae is a holy place to the Maori tribe. 

What does Koru Symbolize?

Koru necklace takes the shape of a loop, coil or spiral and looks like an unfolding sprout of a Silver Fern. This Silver Fern, which is prevalent in New Zealand’s forests, was valued for its abilities for regeneration and growth.

It signifies a new life and new beginnings—a lot like how a baby unfurls as it comes out of the womb. The necklace represents peace, tranquillity, personal growth, positive change and awakening, new life, and harmony. It can also symbolize an equilibrium between chaos and calm.

Koru Necklace and Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand’s Koru has adorned its aircraft since the 1970s. At the time, the travel industry was evolving as the jet age dawned on the world. When Air New Zealand wanted a new symbol, they picked an iconic one. The Koru symbol.

The design team leader at the time said he saw the symbol in a book. He read its meaning and decided it was perfect for the era of new beginnings for the travel industry.

You can spot this design on almost anything, from tote bags to tee-shirts to wallpapers. People even get tattoos of Koru designs. And, of course, the Koru necklace. The symbol has its origins in New Zealand, but it has been widely adopted worldwide. People gift Koru-inspired items as gifts at a new stage in a loved one’s life.

Newly Weds and College students get the symbol as gifts. But it’s not exclusive to them. Anyone can enjoy wearing a lovely Koru necklace, and we hope you enjoyed reading about this piece of jewellery and its history.