Is your child addicted to the “screens”? Here’s how you can change that.

As parents, have you observed that your children are hooked on to cell phones most of the times? Has the smart phone become the center of attraction of your house? Does the phone grab all the attention in the house? Have you snatched a smart phone from your child’s hands and had heated arguments? Do you find your children to be restless and obsessed with smart phones and games?

This is a major challenge of the new age parents. In the 90’s, gifting a video game to children as a birthday gift or as rewards for achievements was a common thing. These games were restricted to desktops or connected to televisions. With technological transformations, these video games are on our palmtops, tabs and cell phones. Children of the millennium are forced to embrace the harsh effects of technological advances as these gadgets are common to any household, either rich or poor.