How To Budget For A New Hot Water Cylinder For Your Home

Our home’s plumbing is something that we often take for granted, only really thinking about it when something goes wrong and you need to hire a plumber. One important part of a modern plumbing system is the way in which your home generates, stores and allows you to access hot water whenever you need it.

Obliviously, modern conveniences like our showers, dishwashers and clothes washing machines all require us to have access to heated H20 almost instantly. The best way to make sure you have year-round, easy access is with a brand-new hot water cylinder.

A hot water cylinder will connect to your home’s plumbing and provide storage for heated H20 that can be sent anywhere in the home its needed. When you turn on your red fossette it activates the unit and sends the good stuff straight to you.

But investing in an entirely new system can prove to be a significant expense and it will likely require you to do some budgeting beforehand. Here’s a few tips you can use for budgeting for your new hot water cylinder.


1.      Cut out unnecessary spending

The obvious first step to saving for your hot water cylinder is to limit and eventually eliminate your unnecessary spending. This could manifest in the form cutting out your weekly fast food trips, limiting you spending on birthdays and skipping your morning coffee.

All these little things add up and while you can’t realistically cut out every needless expense from your life, doing your best will create a lot of savings for you. This is a good excuse to cut out unhealthy habits you may have that both costs you money and aren’t doing your body and favours.


2.      Have a garage sale for your neighbourhood

A great way to generate some extra capital for your hot water cylinder is to sell items you no longer want or need to others who might see value where you don’t. This kind of informal marketplace is usually set up inside your garage or on the front lawn and lets you set your own price for you items as well as haggle with people who visit.

The most important element of running a garage sale is marketing it so that people know where to go and at what time you’ll be operating. You probably don’t want people randomly arriving at your house at different times of the day, so try to keep your garage sale in a concise 3-5 hour window.

The most popular items at garage sales will normally be old DVD’s, video games, electronics, children’s toys, clothes and books. Other bigger ticket items that will help foot the bill for your hot water cylinder will old furniture or appliances.


3.      Create an actual budget plan

The most comprehensive way to save for a new hot water cylinder is to create a budget plan that outlines all of your weekly, fortnightly and monthly expenses. This will put everything into perspective for you, allowing you to easily make alterations, add and remove expenses as you go.

You should include your:

  • Groceries
  • Home products (like toilet paper, paper towels, bin liners)
  • Utilities
  • Subscriptions and memberships (Netflix, gym memberships)
  • Recreational spending (movies, video games, takeaway)

+ anything else that is relevant.

It is likely that in each category you will be able to find ways for you to save. This could mean switching to a cheaper brand of toilet paper or cancelling a gym membership you don’t even use.

As you can see, there are plenty of great ways to help you save for a new hot water cylinder.