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Factors To Consider When Constructing Custom Stockyards

Are you stuck between building your custom stockyards and calling professionals to help you with them? If you’re leaning towards the DIY option, this article is for you.

The most important factor to consider when building your ranch is the herd of animals you raise. Their behaviour determines the layout of the yard. That means you have to study your animal group and their natural habits before purchasing.

The process of cattle-yard construction is complex, and a bit stressful for amateurs. If you don’t want to go through all that stress, some custom stockyards companies help with that.

But let’s say you want to construct custom made stockyards by yourself, then here are factors to consider:

  • Location

When constructing yards for Cattles and other stock animals, you have to consider their location. They need to be close to water and food supplies and have easy access to roads.

Proper slopes and well-balanced sites are necessary to reduce falls and trips of your stock.

  • Construction Materials

Remember that you are dealing with animals with unstable behaviours, so high-quality materials should be considered. You should purchase high-quality and galvanized steels, good woods, and materials. Buy materials with warranties of three years or more.

Materials used in custom stockyards are determined by weather profile and budget. Also, your yard should be constructed with materials that will reduce the chances of exerting pressure on your stock body, thereby reducing the chances of injury.

  • Durability

Well-planned custom stockyards must be able to stand the test of time. The materials used should be able to ensure their longevity. It would be best if you didn’t mind spending a little more money on a durable ranch. Harsh weather conditions will try your yard, and only durable ones survive. So, durability is paramount.

  • Room For Improvement 

When choosing designs for custom stockyards, you should remember that You will make some improvements over the years. Renovating your yard over some time helps it last for decades, which will help you maximize your profits to the fullest.

Some designs allow renovations. Be sure to look out for these designs.

  • Operational Needs

Custom Stockyards designs are done to meet specific needs. Your plans should provide safety for your stock and allow you to manage them with ease. 

Characteristics like remote-controlled sliding gates, fitted panels, automated stock feeders, and non-slip elevated walkways help to improve operations. Well-built designs reduce the number of people you employ and the number of accidents on your ranch.

  • Efficiency

High efficiency is one factor that you should consider. Your designs should be efficient enough for your operations. Look out for ones that help reduce labour and time to get routine tasks done.

Custom stockyards are set up quickly when you have a good plan. Make sure you pay attention to the design you want and the materials you are using because it will determine the longevity of your ranch. Be sure to seek experts brands if you run into a problem or need help with your custom stockyard.