English lollies

English Lollies To Try

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ve probably come across a wide range of English lollies. These lollies have become very popular among lovers of sweets and treats. Once you have a taste of these lollies, you’ll never look back.

English lollies are popular since they are made with high-quality ingredients and their taste is incredible. That’s why they are among the top-selling lollies worldwide. Whether you are looking for treats that your kids will like or something that will satisfy your sweet tooth, English lollies are simply the best.  

These lollies will not only rekindle your childhood memories but will also bring along health benefits such as decreasing your risk of stroke and heart attack.

The best thing about English lollies is that they come in a wide range of tastes, so you are sure to find something that will suit your taste buds. Here are the various types of English lollies you can choose from.

The Maltesers

If you love malt, you’ll understand that its taste is out of this world since they’re never sweet nor bitter. But once you’ve had a liking for malt, you’ll always stock Maltesers before crunching the remaining one. You’ll love Maltesers because of their great taste, which is rice crispy.

Pick on The Mighty Fine Honeycomb Bar

Another great pick you’ll never regret choosing is the mighty fine honeycomb bar. It’s a salted caramel spongy honeycomb bar that you can even make at home. The lolly has a great combination of chocolate and salt, which gives it a sweet-salty taste. You won’t resist buying more of this honeycomb bar as it’s not only sweet but crunchy.

Try the Drumstick Squashies

You can also keep your mouth busy using the drumstick squashies. The lolly has a texture of both gummy bears and marshmallows. It also has a two-in-one flavor that’s of cream and raspberry. Once you buy a pack of drumstick squashies, you’ll enjoy not only its great texture but also the taste. With this type of English lollies, you’ll find yourself finishing the whole package within no time.

Why Not Pick on The Aero Bar?

chocolate bars

If you love lolly bars, then you’ll enjoy the aero bar. Although it’s a bar of plain chocolate, you’ll love it. It has bubbles that melt easily in your mouth, meaning much won’t get into your teeth if you’re the careful type. You’ll find it too sweet to resist prompting you to go for more. It contains milk, so be cautious if you’ve allergic reactions.

The Jelly Babies

Another great English lollies you’ll enjoy eating is the jelly babies that resemble gummy bears but with different shapes and densities. Jelly babies have a real baby’s form, which looks awkward, but your children will enjoy it. It also has a starch coating, which makes it sweet. Remember, each jelly babies’ color has got its taste, so be careful while choosing yours. The most popular manufacturer of these lollies is Bassett’s, although many companies are currently in the business.

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Snack

Cadbury dairy milk

One of the most common brands worldwide is Cadbury’s, and you’ll not regret picking the dairy milk snack. It has various flavors catering to almost all customers’ needs. If you’re not into the orange taste, you can go for pineapple, strawberry, or coconut ice. But keep in mind that each country has different versions of dairy milk, so be ready to get that when you travel abroad.

These are some of the best English lollies you may want to try. You can always try different types of English lollies to enjoy various tastes and flavors. Be sure to buy your English lollies from a trusted source to enjoy the best quality.