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Creative Ideas to Promote your Supermarket and Attract Customers

The retail owners must step up their promotional activities in today’s time of cut throat competition. The revolution of technology and evolvement of consumer choices have put the supermarket owners in a very challenging position. Fortunately there are several ways one can promote their stores in an attractive manner.

Follow these ideas and gain the momentum you were waiting for;

  • Ramp up those seasonal merchandising

Mass must be handled with class. Aim to create extra ordinary decorative holiday and seasonal displays in order to promote the products and services throughout. Try mixing up and changing the displays every month. Also sustain the last minute displays of products at the reception desk or checkout counter.

  • Target the review websites

Review search websites will play a major role for foot fall, like yelp, Google reviews or foursquare are specific sites to reach out to. So targeting this site can get traffic in your supermarket promotions, like offering something as simple as, 10% off for the users of yelpers will gain traffic immensely. In return, the customers end up having a good time along with saving some money and then also give back good reviews. So that’s a plus for someone who wants to bring their supermarket in the forefront. Do it through the review websites!

  • Taking the show on road

Supermarket faces location issues if established in remote or not so popular areas, and it is something that cannot be changed easily. Road show will help supermarket retailers get their store to conventions, carnivals, and events and enjoy the advantage of crazy foot traffic. The results are mostly seen after a week or so.

  • Build stronger relationships with customers

Interacting personally with your customers is an amazing way to establish long term relationships and also encourage loyalty. It could be considered as a pure extension to your marketing, which means it indicates that it should not always be regarding selling something. It could be bonding through birthday emails, thank you or anniversary greetings, wishing on occasions and more.

  • Online selling for in-store products

Selling your products online can be the best step ahead in today’s time. This will not only make your supermarket more renowned but will also help satisfy the consumers to the fullest. For this, ecommerce platform will be the need to easily integrate your store reserves. Vend happens to be quite an affordable retail POS option which will help you to sell on mobile, online, social media so it’s easier for you to be available for the customers at all times. Manage and track orders, customers and products from a single platform and in order to maintain repeat business offer loyalty programs.

  • Keep it dam simple

Things work in the best manner if kept simple. There’s already way too much chaos in the world and your quirky messages will just add up to it. People have hundreds of things running through their mind. So if you want them to remember your supermarket message then keep it coherent, cohesive and precise. They will not put in extra effort to decipher your complex deals and offers where they will have to register with certain things etc. Offer them tidy deals and messages to gain their attention.