Corals and their species

Two-thirds of all known coral species live in waters that are deep, dark, and cold — some live three miles deep and are able to survive in -2°C

Coral reefs are home to ¼ of all marine species, yet they cover less than 1/10th of the surface of the world’s oceans. Coral polyps enable this diversity to exist by building a 3 dimensional structure with many different habitats. Coral reefs provide shelter, food and other resources for millions of species.

Coral reef diversity

Fewer than 1000 reef-building coral species exist, but they host a massive diversity of marine life. 35 000 to 60 000 reef dwelling species have been described, but between 1 to 9 million species are estimated live on coral reefs.Some species spend their entire life on a reef. Others, like sharks, Jacks and manta rays are just visitors that come to the reef to feed, be groomed by cleaner fish or other reasons.