All that glitters in engagement rings Brisbane-

All that glitters in engagement rings Brisbane

Are you in the market for an engagement ring in the Brisbane area?

Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting process, especially if you aren’t a regular wearer of jewelry.

From the style and fit through to the total spend, the process can be exhausting but it is one we all want to get right.

Here we attempt to give you a crash course in the type of metals you will be looking at when you are engagement ring shopping in the Brisbane area.

Take a crash course in engagement ring metals-

If you’ve already hit the streets in Brisbane in search of that perfect piece to propose to your partner with, then chances are you are probably twice as confused as when you started.

Take the time out for this quick five minute read explaining the main metal types you will be dealing with, so you are armed with some better information next time you are shopping.


Nowadays this is the most popular metal choice for engagement rings Brisbane along with matching wedding bands. It is an enduring metal meaning it will never lose its shine or luster. Exactly the type of thing I expect you are looking for from your marriage as well!

Platinum jewelry pieces make the most eye catching pieces and for that reason you will find them at the top end of the market when out shopping for your engagement ring in the Brisbane area.


The ancient precious metal is no doubt the go to choice if you are looking to achieve that classic look. Its naturally bright yellow colour is visually appealing and it is a strong and robust metal.

It is also a highly malleable metal meaning it lends itself to artisan crafting and shaping more so than some of the other metals meaning the design and style is only limited by your imagination.

For many people, gold is their preferred colour of jewelry making a gold engagement ring Brisbane the ideal complement to existing pieces.

Sterling Silver-

Engagement rings Brisbane

Pure silver is far too malleable for jewelry so as a result, pure silver is mixed (up to 92.5%) with other metals forming a combination alloy known as Sterling silver.

This makes a durable and visually appealing alloy that lends itself to a variety of designs making it a favourite of artisan jewelry craftspeople.

Depending on the intricacy of the design, you will normally find silver engagement rings in the midway of the price range when out shopping in Brisbane.


One of the newer entries that you will find in the engagement ring range when out searching for that perfect piece in Brisbane.

Cobalt pieces are four times hardier than platinum and considerably less dense.

It is highly scratch resistant yet still highly malleable and is also hypoallergenic meaning it is great for people with sensitive skin.

Tungsten Carbide-

Another of the new players on the market that is gaining in popularity. Tungsten carbide is an alloy made of an 80/20 Tungsten/Carbon mix.

It comes in a range of colours from classic grey to brilliant white.

It is an enduring metal with the weighty feel to it of traditional metals.


The newest of the new kids on the engagement ring Brisbane block.

It is highly touted for its hypoallergenic qualities and comes in a matt black finish setting it aside as a unique and conversation starting metal.

Now you’ve taken the time to get to know the metals you will be dealing with, you are now better armed next time you head out engagement ring shopping in Brisbane.