About Me

If you can think about it, I can write it! Great research skills and excellent common knowledge are skills I have cultivated all of my career. I can convey the most complex ideas in a simple way, however don’t ask me about quantum physics!

Marketing is my second passion. I love to help my clients increase their potential and their brand’s image.
I also create maps with ArcGIS. I am able to design an informative and aesthetically pleasing map by using my GIS skills.

My previous work experience includes writing web content, articles, business texts and academic research. My work experience is also full of map creation and marketing work. You can see a small sample of the texts I have written in the past in my portfolio. I have over 4 years of experience in writing and editing texts. I specialize in writing quality web content and articles. Yet, I won’t pass up on an opportunity to write some clickbait. I have studied English literature and social sciences at a university level.