A Guide To Russian Volume Lashes

A Guide To Russian Volume Lashes

Getting Russian volume extensions is a great way to make your natural lashes look fuller and longer. Not only are they a safer alternative to many other styles of extension, but they’re also perfect for a full glam look and you’ll feel like a million bucks when you’re wearing them. We’ve put together this guide to help you decide whether they’re right for you, but, as always, if you’re unsure, speak with your beauty therapist about what options you should consider, as they are able to assess your unique situation in person.

What Are Russian Volume Lashes?

Russian volume lashes, sometimes referred to as 3D lashes, are a type of eyelash extension that is carefully crafted on the spot by your beauty therapist. Each lash will be selected individually and placed strategically in order to give you the best lift possible. The Russian volume style originates from exactly where you would expect it to based on the name and focuses on creating maximum impact, fullness and lift, it is also known as being one of the least damaging techniques for your natural lashes making it an ideal option when you want that show stopping look without the pain and required recovery so often associated with styles similar to these extensions.

How Long Do Russian Volume Lashes Last?

You can expect your Russian volume lashes to last just as long as any other eyelash extensions that you may be considering. This means that, when properly maintained, they can last up to six weeks, about the same lifespan as a natural eyelash. You may desire, however, to get a fill around the halfway mark if you want to keep the maximum fullness provided by this style.

Can You Apply Mascara Over Them?

Russian volume

Because your lashes will already be so full, it is not a good idea to apply mascara when wearing this style of extension. Any extra weight on your lashes can cause damage and mascara won’t be necessary with these eyelash extensions as they already significantly darken the appearance of your lashes so it’s best to leave the tube in your purse and save your product for when you’re not wearing extensions.

How Much Do Russian Volume Lashes Cost?

Because applying Russian volume lashes requires far more time and effort, as well as advanced technical skills, they do often cost a bit more than other styles. However, this extra charge is entirely justified when you consider the reduced damage and increased aesthetic appeal of this style. Plus, because you won’t need to apply mascara like you would with some other types of eyelash extensions, you’ll save money in this area which will easily help balance out the cost if you tend to prefer expensive makeup.

Can You Go Swimming With Them?

Swimming is not advisable for the first 48 hours after your beauty therapist has applied your lashes. This is because, like all extensions, your new Russian volume lashes are applied with body safe adhesive and it doesn’t tend to enjoy water very much while it’s still getting accustomed to its new home.

Is There Anything Else To Be Mindful Of?

Like all eyelash extensions, russian volume lashes need to be cared for properly if you want them to stay gorgeous for as long as possible. We suggest ensuring that you’re using the appropriate makeup remover when taking off eyeshadow and other products, avoid rubbing your eyes excessively and always follow any instructions that your beauty therapist has given you for the care of your new extensions.

Now that you’ve heard about all of the wonderful details (and benefits) of russian volume eyelash extensions, head down to your preferred beauty therapist to discuss application if you feel that they’re right for you.