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5 Tips For A Fun And Safe Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour

A Las Vegas strip helicopter tour is one of the most exciting and incredibly memorable ways to experience this world famous city. You will get unrivalled views of this amazing city that you won’t be able to get anywhere else and it makes a perfect gift – especially for those who love aerial photography.

In fact, getting one of these chopper rides across the city is one of the most popular things people do when visiting the US State of Nevada. It really gives you a firsthand experience of the types of sweeping city shots seen in your favourite movies.

If you want to experience the joy of a Grand Canyon helicopter ride for yourself, there are plenty of great providers out there each with their own unique offerings. Regardless of which provider you elect to give your business to, the following tips will be essential for ensuring you have a fun and safe experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important tips to take with you on your Las Vegas strip helicopter tour.


Tip #1: Wear appropriate clothing

Believe it or not, it can actually get quite cold and windy up in the sky! This is why you should always cover your body in at least a light layer of clothing so that you are protected from the extremes.

Depending on the type of craft you hire, it may have on board heating and cooling, so you may not need to worry as much about what you choose to wear.


Tip #2: Protect your hearing


When you begin you Las Vegas strip helicopter tour you will be given a pair of earphones designed to block out the sound of both the engine and the rotary blades of the craft. The headset you are given will have a microphone system to allow easy communication between you, the pilot and any other passengers.

If you have sensitive hearing, you may also want to double up on your audio protection with a pair of earplugs. Don’t worry, the headset won’t be bulky or take away from your experience of the flight.


Tip #3: Don’t worry about any turbulence

Because a chopper is much smaller than an aeroplane, your Las Vegas strip helicopter tour is likely to be a little bumpier than any commercial flight you may have been on before. However, modern choppers are designed to ride out any turbulence and the pilots simply won’t elect to fly if the weather conditions are conducive to an enjoyable, scenic flight for passengers.


Tip #4: Don’t hesitate to ask questions

On your Las Vegas strip helicopter tour, don’t be afraid to ask your pilot any questions you have. Their job isn’t only to fly the craft safely, it’s to ensure that you and any other passengers have fun and remain claim during the entire ride.

Before the flight begins the pilot will give you and any other passengers a full briefing on safety procedures and how everything is going to work. You should listen carefully to what they have to say as it may save you a lot of trouble later on.


Tip #5: Relax and enjoy yourself

The most important thing to remember during your Las Vegas strip helicopter tour is to simply have fun and enjoy the experience. You are in safe hands from start to finish, so you shouldn’t second guess the pilot or worry about any strange sounds you may hear.

Hopefully the above information will make your Las Vegas strip helicopter tour more enjoyable for you.