5 Benefits Of Investing In Artificial Turf In Sydney

The quality of the front lawn is a point of pride for many people. However, natural grass lawns require a great deal of care and maintenance, especially when they exist in dry climates like that of Australia.

Undoubtedly, home owners living in metropolitan New South Wales almost universally find the act of maintaining a real lawn a chore, which is why there is a rise in people installing high-quality artificial turf around Sydney.

Installing a fake lawn has become a hugely popular bit of home improvement being embraced by more and more people all the time. The notion that a lawn needs to be authentic to serve its purpose is outdated and people are opting for a more convenient option.

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 major benefits of investing in artificial turf for Sydney homes.


1: It looks and functions just as well as the real thing

A big reason that more people are investing in artificial turf around Sydney is the fact that it is functionally identical to real grass. The technology that creates realistic synthetic grass has come a long way over the last decade and it can be incredibly difficult for someone to discern the difference with the naked eye.

This means that there is no visual difference between real grass and synthetic grass, so there’s no real reason to deal with the hassle of maintaining the real thing. If your neighbours, friends and relatives aren’t going to notice the difference, you might as well go with the easier option.


2: You save money on your water bills

In New South Wales, the climate can be rather dry for the majority of the year, which means that an authentic grass lawn will require frequent watering via a sprinkler system in order to maintain a lush, healthy look. This explains why so many people are switching to artificial turf in Sydney, as battling the climate can take a significant toll on their water usage bills.

A fake grass lawn won’t require a single drop of water in order to maintain the same lush and vibrant look. All-year-round, no matter the climate, your fake lawn is going to look magnificent.


3: You save money on fuel and/or electricity

When you install artificial turf in Sydney, you get a lawn that not only needs no water, but also needs no landscaping to maintain it. Say goodbye to exhausting afternoons mowing or hedging the lawn as your faux grass will stay the same length forever.

Depending on how you power your landscaping tools like your lawnmower and whipper snipper, you’ll save money on fuel and electricity by installing a fake lawn. It’s an awesome feeling to know that you’ve managed to cut your weekend workload while also saving money at the same time.


4: You help the environment

Another big benefit of installing artificial turf in Sydney is the fact that, when you reduce the amount of natural resources you use, you are also helping the environment. With a fake lawn you reduce your dependency on resources like water, fuel and electricity, meaning that you can successfully reduce your home’s carbon footprint.


5: You can sell your home for more

While there are plenty of value-adding home improvements you can undertake, installing artificial turf in Sydney is one of the most cost-effective. This is because new families are eager to buy a home that has a reduced dependence on resources without jeopardising on its aesthetic appeal.

As you can see, it’s pretty obvious why more and more people are installing artificial turf around Sydney.